Response to EC Consultation on Green Paper on the Online Distribution of Audiovisual Works in the European Union: Opportunities and Challenges towards a Digital Single Market

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Commons Committee inquiry into the Hargreaves Review

The Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee has announced its intention to conduct an inquiry into the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and the Government’s response to that Review. Written evidence should be sent to the Committee by 5 September 2011.



UK IPO Consultation on Print Disability

The UK IPO is seeking views on the “Proposal on an international instrument on limitations and exceptions for persons with print disabilities” developed from the meeting of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyrights and Related Rights (SCCR).
The deadline for submission is 9 September 2011.



European Commission's consultation on views on online distribution of audiovisual works

The European Commission is inviting views on a Green Paper on the online distribution of audiovisual works in the EU. It welcomes comments on the copyright licensing framework and on whether the regulatory and legal framework poses barriers to the cross border availability of online service in the EU. The submission date is 18 November 2011.



UK Intellectual Property Office consultation on online patent document inspection

The IPO is seeking comments on the proposed amendment of the Patents Act in order to introduce an online document inspection system for published patent files. Response can be sent to the IPO by 26 April 2011.



European Commission consultation on the implementation and effect of the Resale Right Directive

The European Commission is seeking contributions from interested parties on the Resale Right Directive (2001/84/EC). Evidence-based information and views are particularly welcome from artists, art market professionals, and collecting societies managing resale right royalties. The period of consultation is from 07 January 2011 to 11 March 2011.



European Commission consultation on the enforcement of intellectual property rights

The IPFF is calling members to respond to the European Commission consultation on the Commission report which evaluates Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights. It is noted that the challenge of infringement by the Internet and the use of provisional and precautionary measures require special attention. The consultation is open from 11 January 2011 to 31 March 2011.



UK IP Review 2010/2011 call for evidence

An independent IP Review launched in November 2010 is now inviting fresh evidence on the current IP system with respect to the effective promotion of innovation and growth. Response can be sent to the IP and Growth Review Team (email: callforevidence@ipo.gov.uk ) by 1 March 2011. 



Consultation on amendments to Design legislation

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has launched a formal consultation on amendments to Design legislation.  This consultation document proposes to equalise the remedies available in the UK for innocent infringement of UK registered designs and Community designs. The closing date is 21 March 2011. Response can be sent to the IPO by email.


UK Intellectual Property Review 2010/2011

A six-month review into how IP can better drive growth and innovation has been launched in November 2010. This Review will focus on how the IP system can be improved to help the new business models appropriate to the digital age. This Review will be led by Professor Ian Hargreaves, and will report to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, by April 2011.



UK Intellectual Property Office’s future IP research programme 2010/2011

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has issued a future IP research programme at August 2010 after the launch of the IP Research pages of the IPO website and the dissolution of the Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property Policy (SABIP).
This future research programme can be accessed via the following link:


Setting the limit on the value of claims heard in the Patents County Court

The IPO is now holding a live consultation on setting the appropriate level of the limit on the value of claims in the Patents County Court. The Intellectual Property Court Users’ Committee (IPCUC) suggested a limit of £500,000. However, the IPO is still seeking evidence to inform the Impact Assessment on the appropriateness of this level. Responses can be submitted to the IPO by the closing date of 3 December 2010.



Survey on IPR protection and enforcement in third countries in European Commission

The European Commission is launching a survey on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in third countries, in order to collect feedback from EU companies and other EU right holders. The replies to this new survey will be taken into account by the Directorate General for Trade in reviewing its priorities regarding IPR issues. The purpose of this survey is to reduce the level of IPR infringements beyond EU borders.

Responses can be submitted to the European Commission website by 31 October 2010.

Statement on constitutional aspects of the Digital Economy Bill - The Digital Economy Bill and the pre-election "wash up"

Response by the IP Foresight Forum (a grouping of independent intellectual property academics in the UK) to reconsider the decision not to recommend the introduction of an exception for parody as stated in Taking Forward the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property: Second Stage Consutation on Copyright Exceptions

Response by the IP Foresight Forum
to the European Commission’s Green Paper:
Copyright in the Knowledge Economy (November 2008)


AHRC Beyond Text Funding Application Success

Following the initial meeting of the IPFF, a successful funding application was made by Professor Charlotte Waelde (School of Law, University of Edinburgh) and Professor Philip Schlesinger (Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow) to the AHRC Beyond Text call for a Research Network, entitled Music and Dance: Beyond Copyright Text?

The theme of this network is centred on the challenges posed to copyright law through the development and dissemination of innovative forms of digital music and dance works (together called ‘experiential works’).

The core proposition is that the copyright framework, which has its origins in the protection of text, provides an inappropriate base for the protection of experiential works.  The law neither grants appropriate protection within its categories, nor gives sufficient space to experiment with new forms.

If experiential works are found to be beyond the scope of the law, two major questions arise

Exploration of these related questions will enable the network members to develop a holistic picture of the place of experiential works. The project will consider not only whether experiential works are within or beyond the copyright framework, but also how they can be supported by cultural policy and how they may be exploited within the wider creative economy.

Combining experts in copyright law (Professor Fiona MacMillan, Birbeck College, London; Professor Charlotte Waelde, School of Law, University of Edinburgh); musical composition (Professor Michael Alcorn, Queen’s University Belfast); creative dance (Professor Helen Thomas, London College of Fashion); cultural policy (Professor Philip Schlesinger, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow) and cultural economics (Dr. Gillian Doyle, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow), calling upon other expertise in the course of its life, and developing links with researchers engaged in related enquiry, the network will examine the issues from an inter-disciplinary perspective not hitherto attempted.

The project will go beyond existing desk-based analyses of copyright law and experiential works date by employing empirical research methodology (questionnaires) and observation (filming and otherwise recording the production of experiential works) to produce an illustrative picture of actual practices in the creation of new works.  The aim is to map the copyright framework, the cultural policy apparatus and modes of exploitation onto the results offering a way of addressing the intersections between cultural policy, copyright protection and exploitation.

Further information about the project will be available in due course.

Joint academic statement stating opposition for copyright term extension for sound recordings.
Posted 06 August 2008

Response by the IP Foresight Forum (a grouping of independent intellectual property academics in the UK) to the UKIPO’s Consultation: Taking Forward the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property; Proposed Changes to Copyright Exceptions