IPFF PhD Database

This database contains details of PhD candidates from a number of different HEIs in the UK. The database, first conceived of by Professor Lionel Bently at CIPIL, University of Cambridge, has several applications.

  1. It enables PhD students from around the country to see what candidates are researching at other institutions
  2. It facilitates the development of a UK wide community of PhD students
  3. It allows supervisors at HEIs to see what areas are currently the subject of research in other Institutions
  4. It enables PhD supervisors to target potential external examiners.

As you browse through the database you will see that there is information on the name of the researcher; the Institution in which the researcher is based; the thesis title along with an abstract; details of the supervisor; start and end date; the examiners; information on any publications by the researcher (whether of the thesis or otherwise during the course of study); details of the external examiner(s) and contact information for the researcher.

This database is as good as the information in it. So if you are a PhD researcher and would like your details included and/or you are already in the database and would like your details updated/amended, please contact John Lockhart on john.lockhart@ed.ac.uk

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